Apprenticeship at Dreve ...

Learning for the future – as „Successful education – excellent chances for the entry to working life“ is considered as a motto at Dreve.

Your chance

You are technically skilled? You would like to work in laboratory or production? You want to prove your skills as an industrial clerk? Referring to this – and many other professions our company guarantees a high quality level and a friendly working atmosphere. Our diversified education will give you the skills for qualified professions, in which you take over responsibility.

Apprenticeship at Dreve – the secure way into your professional future.

Your profile

The most important: Key qualifications

Here, the personal preconditions, the so-called „Key qualifications“ are required. These are learning abilities, working behaviour and social behaviour. The professional preconditions mainly cover the academic acquirements in different areas.

Your application

Your application at our company is successful when we notice that you are really interested in our company and if you are able to express why we should be interested in you.

Your written application contains

  • Your letter of application
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • Your passport photograph
  • Copies of your last two school reports and further education certificates

The proceeding

We invite you to a written test and – in case of success - an interview. If you wish, you will receive a qualified feedback, how you have performed and which impression you made on us.

Why do we make application so difficult for you and us?

Because for us, your school reports are as important as your personality. Because we want to ensure that we have options for you and – the other way round – that you fit into our company.

Tips for your application

The letter of application is your personal business card you present yourself with to a company.

When applying concretely, use the chance to recommend yourself as a suiting staff member by an accurate as well as creative letter of application, as finally you want to stand out of the mass of applicants.

Our service

You will attend an intensive program that extends the usual working profile. The aim is to support your social Competencies, as e.g. the willingness to take over responsibility, the skills to work with the team or to be prepared for new situations.

Besides Christmas and holiday bonus you will receive all benefits of a modern company.

Important facts

  • When is the best time for an application?
    One year before the job starts.
  • Which data should my application contain?
    Letter of application, tabular curriculum vitae, photo, copies of the last two school reports.
  • How are the working hours regulated?
    40 hours per week, when being assigned for the company externally flexible working time is required.
  • Which vocational schools accompany this apprenticeship?
    National vocational schools in Dortmund or the immediate vicinity – according to the profession.
  • Which further education facilities do I have?
    The apprenticeship is full of projects and seminars, due to this fact, a further education is advisable after the apprenticeship. Advising by instructor (internal offers, external facilities)
  • How long will the apprenticeship take?
    Please see the job related survey, good achievements can shorten the apprenticeship time.
  • Which education do I need?
    According to the profession: Fachoberschulreife, Fachhochschulreife or A-Levels.

Dreve educates in the following professions:

  • Industrial clerk
    all apprenticeships have already been allocated
  • Chemist
    all apprenticeships have already been allocated
  • Chemical Lab Technician
    all apprenticeships have already been allocated 
  • Manufacturing mechanic
    all apprenticeships have already been allocated
  • Media Designer for digital and print media
    all apprenticeships have already been allocated

Please send your written applications to

Dreve Dentamid GmbH
Mr. Manfred Deisting
Max-Planck-Str. 31
59423 Unna

or via e-mail: