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Manufacturing earmolds

An earmold serves as the connection between the ear and a hearing system... 

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Commonly underestimated, it is a highly technological detail that should provide the best possible hearing with a maximum wearing comfort. In our earmold laboratory we manufacture high quality earmolds with latest technologies. For manufacturing we use our biocompatible materials Fototec®, VarioTherm® and Biopor®.

Our portfolio includes hearing earmolds for hearing aid systems as well as Protection & Comfort hearing protection earmolds for different noise situations. In our Dreve laboratory, there are many options for shapes, materials and colors in different manufacturing processes – individually tailored for you na your customers´ needs. Esthetic and comfort are key attributes for us to manufacture earmolds.



Impression-taking with Otoform®

We offer innovative products for ear impression-taking... 

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Dreve Otoform® is biocompatible. Our products are characterized by a quick and homogeneous mixing, dimensional stability which means no shrinkage during impression-taking and storage as well as exact results and a perfect reproduction of details. There are various consistencies available with a different final hardness for every impression situation. The so called Snap-Effect stands for short setting times in the ear and our ear impression-taking materials have excellent scan characteristics for the digital CAD/CAM process.



Hygiene products

Belonging to the section of hygiene products we present you our OtoVita® clean products, especially for cleaning and care of hearing systems – for the consumer and for hearing aid shops.



Light polymerization

Light polymerization is the reowned technique for the varnishing, repairing and manufacturing of high-quality and tissue friendly earmolds. We offer modern and powerful light polymerization units like the new Polylux LED with an integrated LED technology.




The development of additive manufacturing processes such as Stereolithography, Digital Light Process (DLP®) and substractive milling technologies such as the digital milling of VarioTherm® earmolds has influenced the Dreve earmold service. The modern and automated manufacturing processes guarantee an efficient and rapid manufacturing of quality earmolds that perfectly fit.


Product training – Biopor®, Fotoplast®, Otoform® 

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Benefit from the knowledge of our experienced experts! Learn the correct and efficient processing of Dreve materials in our training lab. You get all the important information for impression-taking and for the professional manufacturing of earmolds. We offer trainings tailored to your needs. You are already working with Dreve materials? We are sure that we can still find some practical hints for you! We are more than happy to organize your stay in Unna.


Licensing – DLO®

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Dreve noise protection earmolds (DLO®) are type approved as personal protective equipment (PPE). In our Dreve licensing trainings knowledge necessary for the professional production of DLO® will be transferred. The certificate gives you the authorization for manufacturing and selling DLO® as PPE as a licensed Dreve partner.