Dreve Highlights 2016/2017


Earmold ordering online...

...is worth it because advanced features and functions improve your online ordering process. It is easier and more comfortable now.


New Features

  • Detailed tracking of earmold manufacturing status: Track & Trace with dpd
  • Copy option of existing orders for accelerated ordering process
  • Earmold preview (3D and zoom)
  • Online catalogue to browse
  • Language options: German, English, French


  • Intelligent order guidance
  • Links to software tools of the hearing aid business like e. g. Asego, Ampex and AkuWin
  • Save time: Fast and easy ordering process

RIC unifit

Universally unique.

RIC unifit is the new universal earmold for different RIC hearing aid systems. The selection of the right hearing system is the key to ensure your customers´ best possible hearing experience. Therefore you need a certain scope for the fitting. RIC unifit provides the flexibility you need for fitting hearing aid systems. It can be used for many RIC systems available on the market and can be easily adjusted.



  • High wearing comfort
  • Flexible system
  • Easily adjustable



New hearing experience.

Thanks to digital manufacturing technology: A maximum of precision and also incomparably thin walls < 1 mm can be achieved. For cosmetically very appealing RIC systems. We manufacture RIC Air earmolds with VarioTherm® and FotoTec®.



  • High-End solution: Almost invisible in the ear
  • Less is more: Ultra-thin walls help to achieve great customer acceptance
  • Airy and light for comfortable ear ventilation
  • RIC Air earmolds made of VarioTherm® are smooth and provide an extra high wearing comfort



Biopor® AB Xtrack

Fully detectable.

Biopor® AB Xtrack is the new detectable silicone which is used to manufacture DLO® hearing protection earmolds in the Dreve lab. 


The innovative material ensures tracking, detection and is visible in X-ray units, which is for example a mandatory requirement for the quality control in terms of safety and hygiene in the food industry.



  • Earmold and cord made of detectable silicone
  • PPE certified
  • Biocompatible, 40 Shore A

Acoustic Leakage Tester

For DLO® hearing protection earmolds with DM and DI filter.

The test system consists of an iPod and a special app to check DLO® hearing protection earmolds quickly and easily. Get results for the acoustic leakage with just one touch.



  • Exact acoustic leakage testing for DLO® hearing protection earmolds with DM and DI filter
  • Easy measurement with just one touch
  • Simple calibration of the device for precise results



SoftTouch lacquer

New Finish for FotoTec® earmolds.

The Dreve lab offers a new earmold coating with anti-slip effect which ensures a secure fit in the ear. SoftTouch lacquer is an extremely elastic, light curing varnish for hard earmolds.



  • Secure fitting, high wearing comfort by anti-slip effect and pleasantly gentle haptics
  • High bond strength with FotoTec®
  • Noticeably high-quality surface finishing
  • Scratch-proof and abrasion-resistant



Otoform® impression materials

Ear impression taking is the essential basis for a successful hearing aid fitting. With Otoform® you achieve a precise and detailed impression of the ear. 


Our Otoform® products with PowerSNAPTM convince with shortened curing times. You get a great impression within 180 seconds only. Benefit from a comfortably long processing time and a shortened curing time in the ear.


  • Relax: Comfortably long total processing time – without time pressure
  • Convenient for your customers: Short curing time in the ear
  • High Speed: Total work flow only takes 180 seconds
  • Special: Improved flowability for Otoform® Ak in double-cartridges for an easy processing of the material out of the cartridge




10 years of care for hearing aid systems.

It is the 10th anniversary of OtoVita®, the antimicrobial care range. The innovative and valuable qualities of OtoVita® achieved great acceptance among customers. OtoVita® is the ideal care to maintain a high quality hearing aid system.



  • For daily care
  • Effective against bacteria and fungi
  • Maintains the longevity of the hearing system
  • Alcohol-free. Clean. Gentle on materials.


OtoVita® marketing tools

Freshness for your sales.

In line with the fresh packaging design we now offer new OtoVita® marketing tools to support your commercial sales.


  • Practical new care case for your customers (own branding for ordering more than 50 pcs.)
  • Printed care guide incl. option to note down inspection dates (use as bonus tool for customers relationship management)
  • New promotion box as sales display with 120 cleaning tissues, single-packed (use them as give away)
  • Video tutorial "Easy earmold care with OtoVita®" to reduce customers´ waiting time in your shop 


OtoVita® dry uv mini

Now even smaller.

OtoVita® dry uv mini offers an optimum care. Gentle drying extends the hearing systems´ lifetime. 



  • Easy handling
  • Power saving
  • For a long hearing system lifetime

 Highlightsflyer 2016/2017